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About The Wolfstar Network

The Wolfstar Network is my own platform of sites which I have slowly brought together over time for multiple reasons. I primarily was only focused on using it as a download platform with support for mods however my aims quickly changed as I thought of other additions I could add such as my own blog, affiliate advertisements and the like. Although I am opposed to Windows 8 (and its children) I am in support of its metro look for use in websites hence the use of the design for my portal.

I originally registered the domain 'thewolfstar.co.uk' for hosting my own game servers however I merged with a few other people and we became a small setup of servers and it was no longer personalized. The domain went out of use for a while as a sandbox area but I decided to bring it back to be more useful.

I hope you like the site and enjoy the features it brings with it .


Affiliate Links

The Wolfstar Network is a portal for multiple sites and therefore is garunteed to be visited by a multitude of visistors. Having your advertisement on the portal could increase the size of your client base!

Prices are still being decided..